Atlanta Direct Mail Service

Live stamps

Experienced direct mail advertisers in Atlanta know that the more personalized the mail piece the better the response.  One of the improvements to a mail piece we like to suggest is to apply a live stamp to a mail piece.  A live stamp is simply a stamp applied to a mail piece in the automation process.  Typically, most standardized “Bulk” mail is delivered through the USPS with postal indicia.  This is the sprayed or printed emblem in the upper right corner of the mail piece.  It’s typically one color and appears “automated”.  The live stamp appears first class and more personalized.  It’s a separate stamp that’s been pressed onto the mail piece.  It typically has color and looks like a first class stamp, but allows for the same postage as the standard “bulk” rate postage.

MailPrint Direct offers high speed live stamping (up to 12,000 stamps an hour) which helps Atlanta’s direct mail advertising marketers increase the attention to their direct marketing message, in lift response.

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