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Inserting and Tabbing Worth Getting Excited About…

Few Atlanta direct mail advertising businesses get excited over inserting and tabbing machines….that is unless the right machinery for the right job enables you to do far more with far less.  At MailPrint Direct, we take direct mail advertising seriously.  Caring for our client’s most demanding projects is our passion.  Many of our clients tour our facility to witness first-hand how their projects are tended to with the greatest attention to detail.  Because no 2 projects are exactly alike, we’ve invested in the most up-to-date and versatile machinery available.

As the premier direct mail advertising specialist in Atlanta, we have two types of inserting machines.  We use Pitney Bowes and Bell and Howell machine inserters so no matter what type of project you have, we’ll likely have the tools to do the job.  Our system enables us to insert up to 8 pieces into an envelope sizes #10 and 6 x 9 envelopes which make sensitive projects a easy and affordable.  Additionally, our insert machinery will fold up to two 8.5 x 11 letters while inserting.

Postage delivery achieves its’ maximum efficiency by requiring mailers to adhere to both size and shape of the mail piece.  Additionally, folded mail clogs the mailstream if it is not tabbed properly. No tabs means higher postage.  MailPrint Direct carefully inspects all test samples to make sure they qualify for discount postal delivery.  We’ll alert our customers when minor changes can make big postage savings.  Tabbing is a simple little sticker that holds the folded piece together during delivery.  Our tabbing systems are state of the art technology, fast and efficient, and provided at a minimal cost to our clients.

By using both the Pitney Bowes and Kirk Rudy tabbing machines, we’re able to apply both clear or colored tabs, as well as scratch off tabs and live stamps.  Additionally, tabbing can be done in-line with our ink jet machinery.  Our Kirk Rudy tabber uses bump-and-turn processing which allows us to apply up to 3 tabs in one pass.

So why Atlanta’s direct mail advertising community should be exited over inserting and tabbing machines?  Because their direct mail marketing investment is just as much about cost cutting as it is about response rates.  MailPrint Direct is passionate about both.

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